Chalcogenide Multimode Mid-IR Fused Fiber Combiner

Fiber optic combiners are used to combine two or more fibers into one common aperture.  The signals from several sources are combined into one fused fiber, thereby combining their output powers and wavelengths.

Inspired by silica fiber power combiners in near-IR used to combine power for pumping double clad fiber lasers and incoherent beam combining of high power lasers, IRflex Corporation proprietary manufacturing techniques of chalcogenide glass Mid-IR fibers make it possible to extend the power combining capacity beyond 2 µm silica fiber wavelength range.

FC/B® Connector - FC connector at Brewster Angle

Chalcogenide As2S3 and As2Se3 glass fibers offer a broad transmission range with low propagation loss from 1.5μm to 6.5μm and from 1.5μm to 10μm relatively, with high non-linear coefficient, small and negative index change with temperature (dn/dT), excellent power handling capability, and are chemically stable.

IRF-S Series Chalcogenide Nonlinear Mid-Infrared Fiber

IRflex's nonlinear mid-infrared fiber (IRF), made from extra high purity chalcogenide glass, is specially designed and manufactured to generate and/or guide mid-wave infrared (MWIR) wavelengths (2-10 µm).  They are commercially available.

A suite of patents relating to chalcogenide glass based fiber optics has been licensed to IRflex from the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL).  These patent, in conjunction with IRflex’s experienced team, enable IRflex to find cutting-edge solutions to nonlinear mid-infrared applications.

Transmission Fiber Cable

IRflex’s mid-infrared transmission cable made from its nonlinear mid-infrared fiber has uses in many military and commercial markets for illumination, detection and bio-chemical sensing. Our mid-infrared transmission cable can be produced for use in long lengths with low attenuation, in order to permit the transmission of laser beams with the greatest power to a remote location.

IRF-Se Series Chalcogenide Nonlinear Longwave Mid-Infrared Fiber

IRflex Corporation is now extending its family of fiber products into longwave mid-infrared spectral region.  IRflex’s IRF-Se Series chalcogenide nonlinear longwave mid-infrared fibers, made from extra high purity chalcogenide glass As2Se3, are specially designed and manufactured to generate and/or guide mid-infrared wavelengths from 1.5 to 10 µm with high transmission efficiency and nonlinearities about 1000 times that of silica glass fiber.