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Mid-Infrared Chalcogenide Polarization Maintaining Photonic Crystal Fiber (PM-PCF)

IRflex research team has developed and produced an innovative mid-infrared polarization-maintaining photonic crystal fiber (PM-PCF) with complex asymmetric orthogonal patterns of longitudinal holes with different periods and diameters to create high birefringence (~10-4).  The PM-PCF is made of chalcogenide glass and offers endlessly single mode in the mid-infrared (2-6 micron) with good circular beam quality (M2~1) and low loss (<0.2dB/m).

IRflex will present the latest results on the new mid-infrared PM-PCF prototype at the coming SPIE Photonics West 2022.   Mid-infrared chalcogenide polarization-maintaining single-mode fiber

A United State Patent Application has been published on December 30, 2021 for our PM-PCF fiber, Pub No.: US 2021/0405287 A1.

Photonic Crystal FiberMid-Infrared Chalcogenide Polarization