A New Singlemode Mid-IR Fiber Has Been Added to IRF-Se series Chalcogenide Fibers

April 30, 2015  IRflex Corporation recently launched new IRF-Se-12 single mode longwave Mid-IR fiber and it is now available for commercial sales.

IRflex Corporation has designed and manufactured IRF-Se-12 nonlinear single-mode LWIR fiber made of As2Se3 glass.  The fiber’s transmission ranges from 1.5 to 9.7 micron.  The step-index LWIR fiber has a core of ~12 micron diameter and numerical aperture of 0.47.  The fiber is truly single-mode for wavelength larger than its 7.4 micron cutoff.  For wavelength shorter than its cutoff and with proper coupling, the transmitted beam could remain single-mode (or slightly multimode) over short length of fiber (<2 meters) for the entire fiber transmission range.  The nonlinear single-mode LWIR fiber can be used for direct transmission or supercontinuum generation in the long wave mid-infrared.