Virginia Tobacco Commission Awarded another $1.5 Million Grants to IRflex Corporation

May 21, 2015   Virginia Tobacco Commission awards $5.2 million grants to local research projects.  IRflex is among them.

IRflex Corporation located at Dan River Business Development Center, Danville, Virginia, which received a $2 million Research and Development grant in 2010, is getting another $1.5 million grant for the second time.

IRflex Corporation has installed a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Danville, to design and manufacture mid-infrared fibers and optical devices using highly purified chalcogenide glass for leading-edge mid-infrared applications in various market segments including industrial, sensing, defense, environmental, medical and scientific research.  The new grant will help the company further develop the research projects and open new opportunities and benefit the local economy.

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