IRflex Awarded SBIR Phase II Contract from US Army for “New Mid-IR Laser Power Scaling Technology via Fiber Combiner”

November 29, 2016  After successful completion of SBIR Phase I project of New Mid-IR Laser Power Scaling Technology via Fiber Combiner from US Army, IRflex begins to work on its newly awarded SBIR Phase II of the project.

Based on the design proposed in Phase I, IRflex will produce laser power scaling chalcogenide fiber technology that is capable of coupling 50 watt mid-wave infrared lasers operating in wavelengths between 2-5 microns into a common aperture with low insertion loss and good beam quality.  Test and evaluate the new laser power scaling technology performance, losses, and beam quality.

IRflex is looking forward to further progress its chalcogenide glass fibers’ design and technology to combine MWIR laser sources having different wavelengths that will enable the production of wideband laser systems have an increased total output power.