About the Company

IRflex Corporation is a Virginia-based US company incorporated in 2006 as a C Corporation that is totally dedicated to the development and the production of fiber-optic devices for mid-infrared applications.  Infrared measures electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths longer than that of visible light but shorter microwaves.  IRflex focuses on the mid-infrared spectrum from 2 to10 micron.

IRflex manufactures mid-infrared fiber based on extra high-purity chalcogenide glass with the proprietary fiber technology and knowhow needed to support the production of leading-edge critical fiber-based devices. Our nonlinear chalcogenide mid-infrared fiber is specifically designed and manufactured to generate and guide mid-infrared sources over long distances with minimum loss in the mid-infrared and very high power damage threshold.  These fibers are used across a broad family of products, including transmission cables, fiber switches, fiber combiners, and fiber bundle imagers for mid-infrared applications in a number of markets, including scientific research, medical diagnostics, environmental and industrial monitoring, and defense.

To date, IRflex has received more than a dozen contracts and grants from US government agencies and contractors to develop and manufacture leading-edge mid-infrared fiber-optic devices for various market segments, including industrial, sensing, defense, environmental, medical, and scientific research. This includes more than $8 million in contract awards and more than $3.5 million in regional Research and Development Grants.


Our mission is to develop and manufacture leading-edge fiber-optic solutions in the mid-infrared for the defense, industrial, environment, medical, and scientific markets.  Industry leadership will be demonstrated through continuous product improvement and innovation with the highest quality/price ratio for our customer’s satisfaction.

Core Competencies

Intellectual Capital

The heart of IRflex’s unique capabilities, technologies, products, and services is a strong patent portfolio and specialized intellectual knowhow.  This intellectual capital is central to IRflex’s ability to sustain its leadership position in the mid-infrared industry.  A suite of patents relating to chalcogenide glass-based fiber-optics has been licensed to IRflex from the US Naval Research Laboratory (NRL). IRflex’s world-class staff has more than 25 years of experience in specialty optical fiber design and development.  IRflex has several patents on specialty optical fibers.  These patents and knowhow, coupled with advanced manufacturing processes, enable IRflex to find cutting-edge solutions for nonlinear mid-infrared applications that address the needs of our customers.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Our 7,000-square-foot facility in Virginia provides state-of-the-art capabilities addressing the needs for research and development, testing, and manufacturing. It features the following:
• ISO5, Class 100 Tower Enclosure
• ISO7, Class 10,000 Clean Room
• $1.75 Million Worth of Production Equipment
• State-of-the-Art Fiber Draw Tower
• Specialized Glass Fabrication, Processing, & Characterization Laboratory
• Test & Measurement Laboratory
• R&D Laboratory & Production Space

Unrivaled Performance

The entire manufacturing process is highly dependent upon both patented processes and specialized intellectual knowhow. IRflex’s unique and innovative mid-infrared fiber technology enables the design and manufacture of leading-edge solutions for optical transmission, combining, switching, and imaging for mid-infrared applications to the point and far exceed what is commercially available. We provide both standard products and special customer-driven product development and production services.