IRflex Received U.S. Trademark Approval for FC/B® Connector

January 14, 2016    IRflex is pleased to announce that the FC/B® trademark has been approved by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) as of January 5, 2016.  Registration No.: 4,880,140.

IRflex’s FC/B® connector – FC connector at Brewster Angle is now a registered trademark with legal proof that IRflex obtains the right of the exclusive use of the trademark.

Unlike other connector terminations, IRflex’s FC/B® connector termination for chalcogenide glass fiber allows the input beam to be nearly fully transmitted at the input face, which means in addition to eliminating undesirable back reflections, more power is being coupled into the fiber.

The  FC/B®  connectors are commercially available.  Contact IRflex Corporation for more information.